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Pressure Washer Parts and Accessories for Your Toughest Cleaning Challenges

Crown Cleaning Systems has a wide range of pressure washer parts in Cleveland, Ohio, and accessories to reduce time and effort spent on your cleaning jobs.

A well-stocked inventory of pressure washer parts allows us to handle big and small repair jobs without unnecessary delays. We pride ourselves on providing quick turnaround on power washer repairs (and servicing requests) to get you back up and running fast, thereby minimizing your downtime.

As authorized Ohio pressure washer part dealers of major brands such as LANDA and Kärcher, we also offer cutting-edge accessories that simplify the toughest and most grueling cleaning jobs. Our Cleveland and Northeast Ohio customers really appreciate the huge inventory of pressure washer parts we stock, saving them downtime and increasing their productivity.

Some examples of the pressure washer parts and accessories we offer:

  • Kärcher Triple Jet Nozzles: Advanced technology makes pressure washing convenient and easy by allowing you to change from high pressure to low pressure soap with just the twist of a nozzle.  Call 216-341-6000 or email us for the latest Kärcher pressure washer accessories on the market today.
  • Surface cleaners: Surface cleaners are great when it comes to cleaning driveways, decks and parking lots. They attach to cold or hot water pressure washers enabling you to clean concrete and other surfaces faster.  Email us for more information about surface cleaner accessories.
  • Turbo nozzles: Also known as rotary nozzles, these are a great tool for blasting away build up.  The turbo nozzle combines the high impact pressure of a zero degree nozzle with the wide area of a flat spraying fan nozzle, allowing you to penetrate stubborn dirt, loosen it and then blast it away. Some trivia for you: Kärcher used this tool to clean Mount Rushmore and the Space Needle! Come visit our facility to see what we have to offer.
  • Hose reels: Here at Crown Cleaning Systems we offer different brands and varieties of hose reels for nearly every type of application.  Installing a hose reel is an ideal method for keeping your hoses from getting tangled or damaged.  They also make for easy and quick clean up. Contact us today for the best hose reel for your application.
  • Extension Wands:  Extension wands are a safe and useful tool when cleaning multiple levels on buildings, walls, gutters, etc.  Moreover, wands that extend from 4' to 24' offer a safe method to clean multiple storey buildings without the dangers of standing on platforms or ladders.  You will also save the time to assemble and then maneuver around the ladders and platforms.  Schedule a demonstration to know more. 


Crown Cleaning Systems is a trusted name and Ohio pressure washer parts dealer in the industry since 1986. Our factory-trained technicians provide quick turnaround on all your power washer repair and servicing requests. This includes a unique onsite repair option to minimize your downtime. Our knowledgeable team provides a lifetime of support and service. Many accessories will pay for themselves by allowing you to reduce the man-hours it takes to complete the jobs.

Contact our pressure washer part experts today at (216) 341-6000 if you need any pressure washer parts in Cleveland, Ohio, or accessories for your commercial pressure washer, trailer pressure washer or industrial floor cleaner—it’s very likely we have them in stock or can get them for you soon.

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