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Best Pressure Washing Chemicals

High-Powered Pressure Washing Chemicals for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

 Pressure Washing ChemicalsCrown Cleaning Systems offers complete solutions to keep your business premises in pristine condition. In addition to providing world-leading commercial and industrial pressure washers, we also offer high-powered pressure washing chemicals. Our cleaning chemicals, detergents and degreasers are biodegradable and butyl-free, which means they are tough on dirt but also safe to use.

Our top selling pressure washing and commercial washing chemicals include:

  • Dyna-Shine: Versatility and consistently good results have made this professional truck wash concentrate the preferred choice of professional cleaning contractors.  Dyna-Shine really does it all! It cleans the toughest road film, destroys diesel exhaust and grease, and brightens aluminum. Additionally, it cleans and brightens painted surfaces, and offers a spot-free rinse for maximum surface gloss.
  • Unique: This heavy-duty cleaner may be used to clean surfaces previously considered impossible to clean. It works well on all off road machinery and heavy duty equipment where paint discoloration is not a problem.  In addition to heavily-soiled truck trailers and aluminum siding, it can also be used as pre-cleaner for paint preparation.  It works great for stripping sealers from decks and other wood surfaces.
  • High Image: This commercial washing chemical is our safest pressure washing cleaning product. It not only guts grease but also won't harm treated surfaces such as the wax on your car.  It also contains rust inhibitors that help reduce flash rusting and increases the life of metal surfaces.
  • Force: A great choice for food preparation areas, this pressure washing chemical is a non-caustic, heavy-duty degreaser. It was originally USDA-approved and is great for removing animal fats, and grease build up on walls and floors.  Force is a popular choice among our food industry customers.
  • Taginator: removes graffiti from brick/concrete masonry.
  • Tagaway: Removes graffiti from smooth painted surfaces - also works well for removing permanent marker (schools: dry erase boards.  we have even removed sharpie marker stains from leather car seats) Manufacturers website:
  • Solv-O-Way: Another heavy duty all-purpose pressure washing chemical from Crown Cleaning Systems, it also works well for paint preparation. Its bold cleaning ability makes it the No. 1 degreaser for heavy equipment, concrete, and shop floors and walls.
  • Strike: An excellent heavy duty degreaser and machinery cleaner that is very caustic. Its powerful cleaning ability removes the toughest dirt and stains.
  • Low Foam Force: It works well for water recyclers and floor scrubbers. If you want a product that cleans well, is safe in food preparation areas, and doesn't really foam, this is an ideal choice.  Low Foam Force is used by many of our customers for optimal cleaning or floors and walls.
  • EC-410: This citrus-based organic solvent removes tar, grease and adhesive residue easily.  It can also effectively clean oil spots from concrete.  This makes a great cleaner for removing asphalt residue from service vehicles. 
  • Rinse & Wax: This innovative cleaning agent beads water to reduce water spots leaving behind high gloss results.
  • Reward: For use with aqueous parts washers, this liquid parts washing compound also contains rust inhibiters. 


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Crown Cleaning Systems is known for its top quality products and service. Use our high-powered pressure washing chemicals for the cleanest results.

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